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Today we have a guest post from our newest massage therapist, Erica Minor. Erica is a graduate of the Universal College of Healing Arts in Omaha, Nebraska. Her training included but is not limited to- Swedish massage, myofascial release, hydrotherapy, and cupping therapy.

When I followed this path that led me to the practice of massage therapy my mission was to follow a call I felt so deeply inside to be a healer. To me it was as Joseph Campbell would call it, “the hero’s journey”. The call to leave my great paying job and set out on a new path towards something deeply meaningful to myself, as well as the opportunity to make others in my community feel better. I was going to be a healing force of love, soothe some pain, and perform some miracles. Perhaps this was the vision that I needed to get me started, but what I ended up learning was much greater than I ever could have anticipated.

Somewhere toward the end of my education I came to the realization that instead of healer, my job was as facilitator to the healing process. The real healer is the beautiful soul who lay upon my massage table. This person who takes the time out of their busy day to do one of the most important and epic things that one can do:

take time for self-care

As we have heard so many times before we cannot pour from an empty cup and yet the demands of the day and our time steadily seems to increase. What a damn miracle it is that you even ended up here lying before me. Your beautiful body, this work of art is just screaming “thank you” because it has been holding on to this stuff to protect you for a while, but it is so grateful you allowed yourself this moment to get some of the stress and tension worked out. Bonus points to you, great miracle worker on my table, because by allowing your body this opportunity to relax and release this tension, it also allows some space for the mind to begin the process of letting go as well. You see, sometimes the work of the mind gets stored in the body.

The most beautiful quote I have ever heard in my profession is by Robert Calvert and it is,

“The real purpose of massage is to foster more depth of feeling for one another, in order to bring out the love that often lies buried beneath the pain of everyday suffering.”

To me, this is the sum of the healing art of touch. Through mindfulness and love my hope is to facilitate the healing that already resides within you, as you ARE love…

If you have never experienced the healing art of massage therapy or it has been a long time, I encourage you to give it a try and perhaps even to make it a part of your wellness routine. My passion is in working with clients to reduce stress and anxiety, those suffering from symptoms of depression, as well as individuals dealing with chronic pain due to autoimmune disorders.

You can schedule a session with Erica by requesting a massage on our contact page. Through the end of December, Erica is offering an introductory rate of 49.95 for an hour massage! 

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